DhasanGC announced whole new series of Coconut Fibre based products for export from Sri Lanka to all over the Globe




DhasanGC is proud to announce that we now offer a wide range of Coconut Fibre based products. Coco Coir products are known for its environment friendly nature and natural benefits. Sri Lanka is well known for Coconut Fibre based products for a long time and supplying to global markets.

The products offered by DhasanGC is listed below but does not limit to this list as we are committed to provide custom solutions to our customers and continuous research and development would bring up innovative products based on Coir Fibre.

  • Coir Twine Balls/Rolls

  • Coir Twine Bales - Hop Strings

  • Coco Peat - Coco Coir

  • Coir Brooms / Brushes (Tawashi Brushes)

  • Coir Geo Textile

  • Coir Ropes

  • Coir Mats / Carpets

  • Coir Pots

  • Coir Bale Fibre

  • Coir Husk Chips

  • Coir Twisted Fibre

  • Coir Logs

  • and More ...

DhasanGC MD/CEO Mr. Chamoth said "Coir business is something I saw since childhood, Sri Lanka is having a wide variety of products and much more potential for further development in the field certainly caught our interest. We are putting our best effort to provide our customers an experience which would simply leave them impressed because that's our goal!"

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